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Category 5 Athletics

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About Cat 5

Our Mission is to deliver safe, effective, programming and instruction that focuses around the fundamental movements of the snatch and clean & Jerk, as well as general strength & conditioning programming for all of our athletes. We are striving to build a tight knit team atmosphere of both recreational and competitive athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. It is also our duty to give back to the weightlifting community by hosting educational events, interact with other members of the weightlifting community, and provide resources for those interested in learning about the sport.


Our Team


Head Coach - Team Category 5/Owner-Founder

Zack Lebo B.S., CSCS, USAW L2

Zack graduated from Indiana University of PA in 2014 with a degree in exercise science, after which time he spent 2 years working as a strength and conditioning coach with collegiate and professional athletes at Lafayette College (Easton, PA), University of Pittsburgh, and most recently the Jacksonville Sharks (AFL), prior to opening Category 5 Athletics in 2016.

Aside from being a USA Weightlifting Level 2 coach, Zack is currently also a competing athlete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting as a 77kg lifter, which gives him the perspective of understanding both sides of the coin in terms of being both the coach and an athlete.

He brings to the table a well versed background of movement mechanics and injury prevention from his time spent as a strength and conditioning coach, and from having worked with a wide array of different sport athletes. If you were to ask about his coaching style in the competition lifts the answer would be, "the focus should be in mastering the movement of your own self during the lifts and the movement of the barbell in relation to that, if you can achieve a solid, consistent foundation in the movements the success will follow in regards to the numbers."



Assistant Coach - Team Category 5

Melissa Reyes B.S., USAW L1, Crossfit L1

Melissa discovered crossfit in 2012 which led to her entering the sport of Powerlifting in which she previously help the all-time world record in the 44kg weight class, before discovering the sport of Olympic Weightlifting where she has quickly become a national level competitor (American Open 2016, Nationals 2017 as a 48kg lifter).

Her experiences as an athlete gives her a diverse background of knowledge that she brings to the table as a coach, as well as a great understanding of what it is like to be on the other end of the coach athlete dynamic. If you ask her she'll tell you it is more rewarding watching her athletes and clients hit PR's than it is for herself despite still being an active athlete in the sport of Weightlifting.

To anyone who may be intimidated about starting Oly lifting this is her advice, "You’ll never know what you can achieve if you never try. Many people think “they could never do what I do”. But guess what? Everyone starts somewhere. I didn’t start lifting the weights I do now when I first started, not by a long shot. I started lifting with a PVC pipe and an empty barbell! And so can you."



Social Media Manager/Athlete Team Category 5

Anna Bonoan