Category 5 Athletics
Category 5 Athletics
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Team Category 5 Athletics Olympic Weightlifting

Team Category 5 Athletics Barbell Club and Gym


Category 5 Athletics USA Weightlifting club located in South Tampa, dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting, offering individualized programs, coaching, and workshops. Join Team Category 5 Athletics or find out more about what we offer by contacting us today!




1705 W. Chestnut St.
Tampa, FL 33607

(570) 656-2415

@Category5Athletics (Instagram/Facebook)

Our Services

Team Cat 5

Become a member of the Cat 5 Team, we offer semi-individualized team programming as well as fully individualized programs depending on your goals. Team memberships also include hands on coaching during team training hours offered 5 days per week, as well as access to open gym hours. Whether your getting ready for an upcoming competition, just getting into Oly lifting or are an experienced lifter looking to increase your total and get to the next level we’ve got a program that will fit your needs. Unlike other Weightlifting programs we also focus heavily on strength and conditioning accessory work and building well rounded athletes. Contact us to day to find out more!

Workshops & Seminars

Not a full time weightlifter? Not a problem, keep an eye out for our weekend workshops, seminars, and coaching courses hosted at our gym. Ranging from USAW coaching advancement certifications, to snatch and clean & jerk seminars to learn the competition lifts or improve your technique, we’re here to assist in all things Weightlifting. Keep an eye on our events page for new and upcoming events!

Open Gym

Need a place to accommodate your Olympic Weightlifting needs, we've got that covered too. With 10 platforms and plenty of space we are open to lifters who need a place to drop in when traveling and visiting the area. We also offer open gym memberships to athletes in the area who receive remote coaching from other USAW coaches. Contact us today to find out if we’re the right fit for you or if you’ll be passing through the Tampa area anytime soon and want to set up a time to drop in ahead of time.