Category 5 Athletics
Category 5 Athletics

Team Category 5 Athletics Olympic Weightlifting

Team Category 5 Athletics Barbell Club and Gym


Category 5 Athletics USA Weightlifting club located in South Tampa, dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting, offering individualized programs, coaching, and workshops. Join Team Category 5 Athletics or find out more about what we offer by contacting us today!




1705 W. Chestnut St.
Tampa, FL 33607

(570) 656-2415

@Category5Athletics (Instagram/Facebook)

Our Services

Team Cat 5

Join team Category 5 Athletics, benefit from team programming based on yearly competition schedule with your goals in mind. Individualized programs tailored to your specific needs, as well as competition prep and coaching.


Remote Coaching

Benefit from the same programming our on site athletes receive, get weekly video analysis with USAW coaches, and competition coaching at national events as well as any local meets in the Tampa area.

Individualized Programming

Professional programming from nationally certified coaches, tailored to your needs and goals specifically. Emphasis on injury prevention, proper movement mechanics, and technical work for the competition lifts.

Workshops & Seminars

Whether you're new to the sport, a crossfit athlete, or already an experienced weightlifter our workshops cover all things from basics of learning the movements to specific technique drills and error corrections. Check back frequently for newly announced dates!

Open Gym Hours

Need a place to accommodate your Olympic Weightlifting needs, we've got that covered too. Limited availability, must inquire about open gym memberships. Drop ins welcome, although we do ask you contact us prior!


Screening & Movement Analysis

Before starting on any of our programs, all individuals will be taken through a movement screening, injury risk analysis, as well as have the opportunity to discuss specific goals, training history, and all things training related with one of our coaches to give us the insight we need to get you on the right program.