Category 5 Athletics
Category 5 Athletics



Team Memberships and Programs


Team Cat 5

Our team membership option is intended for those newer to Olympic Weightlifting, follow team training cycles based around yearly competition schedules with plenty of accessory strength and conditioning work. These programs are semi-individualized and primarily focus around improving technique through positional work, improving all around strength and working towards competing in local Weightlifting competitions. Includes hands on coaching in facility during coaching hours, use of gym during all open gym hours, and coaching at local competitions in the Tampa area.

Team Cat 5 - Individual Programming

For more experienced lifters or, those looking to compete at the national level through USAW, our individual programming team membership is just that. You will receive a program written specifically to fit your goals, needs, and schedule, geared more towards Olympic Weightlifting specific technique and strength work, includes coaching at both local and national competitions throughout the year.


Strength & Conditioning (general fitness)

If you’re interested in training at Cat 5 but don’t want to take the competitive Weightlifting route we also offer a general strength and conditioning program membership. This program is geared more towards the basic strength movements and athletic performance, heavily focusing on building strength, improving movement patterns, injury prevention work, and conditioning. Enjoy the same team based program with less of a focus on the Oly lifts while still working towards your goals.