Category 5 Athletics
Category 5 Athletics

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Cat 5 Programs

A brief overview of the variety of programs we offer. Not sure which is right for you? Contact us any time to hear more about them!


Sports Performance

Geared for High School and Collegiate sport athletes, focusing on total body strength, including Olympic movements, sport specific speed and agility drills, and a heavy emphasis of identifying and correcting weaknesses to avoid injury and be prepared for the demands of your specific sport. Skill work on common testing drills such as broad jump, vertical jump, pro agility, and running mechanics.


Weightlifting - Competitive

For intermediate to advanced weightlifters who have already been introduced to the snatch and clean and jerk movements. Focuses primarily on the competition lifts, strength and power development, and increasing proficiency in the snatch and Clean and Jerk. Programming of multiple variations of the classic lifts including block work, complexes, and positional drills. Programs planned around competitions decided on by the athlete and coach, as well as competition prep. Includes athlete registration through the usaw if not already established.

Weightlifting - beginner/technique

For beginner and youth individuals interested in competitive weightlifting. Emphasis on learning to safely move the bar in the snatch and clean and jerk. Lots of positional awareness and strength movements, general strength as well as a focus on correcting imbalances and increasing mobility for the movements.



General Fitness/hybrid Programs

Adults looking for general training with goals including, improving body composition, increasing mobility, increasing general strength, power, and work capacity. Focuses on total body workouts, incorporating some olympic style lifting if preferred, core strength movements, and functional strength. Enjoy the benefits of training like an athlete while working towards your personal goals. Our coaches will sit down and discuss goal setting and the path we think best to achieve them.